Communication in marriage is like a river. When thoughts and feelings flow smoothly between marriage partners it’s fun, feels good, and helps support everyone around. However, when communication flow is turbulent, it’s potentially dangerous and destructive. And when communication gets blocked, pressure builds up. Then when the words start flowing again, they tend to come out suddenly in a damaging raging flood.

Because many couples struggle with healthy communication in marriage, especially about important issues, it’s common for couples to avoid their big, difficult topics. They share trickles of information back and forth about who’s going where when and who’s going to pick up the kids, without ever diving into the conversations that are actually most important to them. Overtime, the lack of a full communication flow dries up the passion and love between them.

Healthy communication is a must!

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The only survivor of a shipwreck washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming.

Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements and to store his few possessions. But then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, with the smoke rolling up to the sky. The worst had happened; everything was lost. He was stung with grief and anger. “God, how could you do this to me!” he cried.

Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. “How did you know I was here?” asked the weary man of his rescuers. “We saw your smoke signal,” they replied.

Never forget blessings do come in disguise!!

Do not go through life working according to your own understanding.. Again, blessings do come in disguise…

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The Conference of the National Council on Finance and Economic Development (NACOFED) has said the significant fall in global oil prices and oil production hiccups in the domestic affairs have had adverse impact on the revenue stream of the Nigerian economy and called for urgent steps towards diversification.

But the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Finance Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who raised the alarm of falling oil prices a few days ago, gave an assurance that contingency plans were being made to keep the economy stable while the excess crude account is built to cushion the effect of further drop in oil prices on the international market.

Frowning on the proponents of ‘share all revenues collected’, whom she said forgot that Nigeria was saved from plunging into a financial mess in the aftermath of the 2008/2009 global economic crisis because it had a $22 billion excess crude account (ECA), which it resorted to, Okonjo-Iweala said the federal government was already re-building the ECA to a level which, according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) standards, is comfortable.

The finance minister told THISDAY in an interview at the conclusion of the 2014 IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington DC: “Now we are trying to build the ECA up again. We did our modelling and forecast at $5 billion. If we can save that, it will save us for a little while. The IMF did its own model and said we need about $6.3 billion in that ECA minimum, to cushion us. Right now we have $4.05 billion, so we have a gap of $2 billion. All this time we have been shouting let us save and not share…We will try to manage the best we can.”

“We all want the best for our country, which is to make sure that our reputation for keeping a stable economy is sustained. We don’t want one in which the exchange rates is fluctuating, most Nigerians don’t want it. You have to relate the level of reserves and the amount of money in the ECA to the exchange rates, that’s what keeps it stable. If you now go spending everything and you have a crisis and the oil price fall, you will not have anywhere to turn. And this is what we have been preaching for the past three years and we are being harassed because of it but now we are seeing it happen. What we are doing is that we are making contingency plans to keep the economy steady as much as we can through this crisis,” she added.

NACOFED also directed that steps should be taken to facilitate the early processing of the request from states for the floatation of bonds and issue of Irrevocable Standing Payment Orders (ISPOs) while it urged the states to observe the regulations guiding internal and external borrowings.

It said there was need to broaden and improve on revenue generation to finance government expenditures, as well as sustained effort by the governments in arresting the current challenges in the oil and gas sector particularly the vandalisation of oil and gas installations and crude oil theft.

According to highlights of its resolution reached at the end of the 2014 Conference of the National Council on Finance and Economic Development (NACOFED), which was held in Enugu State, it announced a collaboration between the federal and state finance authorities to work towards broadening and improving revenue generation as a means of effectively financing government expenditures.

The resolution, a copy which was made available to THISDAY among other things noted that though the world economic outlook remained uncertain, the Nigerian economy had continued to show strong resilience despite the current security challenges.

It also commended President Goodluck Jonathan on his efforts towards resolving the security challenges in the country
While calling for good governance, transparency and accountability at all levels of government, it further resolved that “the Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) be approached to assist the states being owed and the state governments were also urged to look into the issue of loans they owed the Federal Government.”

Also, it said the issue of the refund to state governments on the expenditure incurred for rehabilitation and renovation of federal roads be further looked into while states were however urged to ensure that due process is followed in undertaking such projects in order to merit refund.

by Kunle Aderinokun in Lagos and James Emejo .

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We often immediately reject another’s perceptions, especially when our views differ. This rejection may even be unconscious. We find ourselves ready to dispute the things our spouse has to say, to challenge them, or to hear them as threats. Obviously, such an attitude interferes with two-way communication. The first step to improved dialogues is to respect your spouse.


Respect allows you to accept another person’s point of view whole-heartedly. Consider and value your spouse’s perspectives or suggestions. Let your spouse know that your respect and value for him or her supersedes the specific issue you are discussing.

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Joined together under God.

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
~ Mark 10:9

When you first enter into marriage, the last thing you are thinking about is divorce! But, through the years of being together, you may enter times of hardship and trails that threaten your relationship. If this is ever the case, allow God’s word to come into play. You have been joined together under God, don’t let anyone or anything separate your love for each other.

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“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” ~ 1 Peter 4:8

This is a very important life verse for marriage because marriage is a unification of two sinners. No one is perfect in a marriage. There will be times that a husband or wife may fail each other, mess up, or do something hurtful. It is important to remember God’s definition of love and know that loving each other deeply can cover all those sins. This verse reminds us the true power of love!

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A man gets home early from work and hears strange noise coming from his bedroom. He rushes upstairs to find his wife completely naked on the bed, sweating & panting. “what’s up?” he asked.

“i’m having a heart attack”, cries the woman. He rushes downstairs to grab the phone 4 ambulance,,,,,but just as he’s dialling, his 4yrs old son comes up & says, “DADDY!,DADDY!, Uncle Fred is hiding in your closet & he’s got no clothes on!”.

The man slams the phone down & storms upstairs into the bedroom, past his screaming wife,& rips open the wardrobe door. And Sure enough, there is his brother, totally naked, covering on the closet floor.

“You Bastard”,the man says,”My wife is having a heart attack & u are running around naked scaring the kids.!”

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